Translation and Localization


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Professionals who have B.A. in Letters (Languages) guarantee the quality of the Translation, Editing and Proofreading, as well as the development of glossaries specialized in several fields, relying on the support provided by both the client and the working teams who have a background in the concerned field. SPZ projects are rendered by multiple translators with all working simultaneously.


At SPZ, all translation projects undergo a thorough and comprehensive process, involving
some or all of the following phases:

  • Assessment of the project: word counts, deadlines, priorities, and target readers/customers;
  • Assignment of the project coordinator;
  • Assignment of the lead translator (glossaries/customer contact, consultation with bilingual industry specialists, if needed, to clarify terminology);
  • Assignment of the translation team. All translators are Brazilian Portuguese native-speakers with at least B.A. in Brazilian Portuguese and English. Whenever possible, the translators are allocated according their specialization in the field or industry;
  • Assignment of the Quality reviewer(s) ("editing") by a second professional translator(s);
  • Assignment of the Quality Assurance specialist (checklists);
  • The Project Manager controls the quality check on the final deliverables.

If required, we also provide document formatting (see Desktop Publishing) and Format Q.C. (even when the DTP is not provide by SPZ) using the latest editing Adobe Acrobat features.

We use Translation Memory tools and the updated TM’s are delivered to the client without any onus. Every sentence we translate will be registered in a database for future use. This brings the following benefits :

  • Increased quality, which ensures that the text remains consistent throughout the translation of a large document or various documents;
  • A considerable reduction in turnaround time;
  • Dramatic cost saving.

Our translation and localization technology engineers can solve complex problems such as:

  • Creating translation memories from legacy materials (TM Creation);
  • Converting translation memories from different systems
    (TM Conversion);
  • Sharing and managing translation memories (TM Management).

Using such approach we can guarantee our ability to:

  • Ensure consistency and high quality;
  • Deliver products that are linguistically and culturally appropriate;
  • Regularly inform the customer about the project's progress;
  • Meet tight deadlines.


SPZ relies on a staff experienced in managing and coordinating projects, thus assuming entire responsibility for the strict control of deadlines in the several steps that are involved.

Software localization services include:

  • Templates;
  • Wizards;
  • Dialog Boxes;
  • HTML Files;
  • Online Help;
  • Apple Guide.

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(Webster's Collegiate Dictionary)


















  • SDLX;
  • Trados;
  • Catalyst;
  • Transit;
  • TestTrack;
  • LockStudio.
Please note that we do not use Machine Translation software