Translation and Localization


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In the publishing market, SPZ provides services for the preparation of sophisticated books and encyclopedias. In addition to Translation and Desktop Publishing, we have at our disposal professionals with great experience in linguistic revision, writing, copydesk, proofreading, research of specific subjects and their adaptation to the Brazilian culture. We are also experienced in the adaptation of European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese .

We manage the project up to the final approval of the films to the phototypesetters.


So far, we have translated the following encyclopedia themes:

  • animals;
  • history;
  • geography;
  • cuisine;
  • architecture;
  • arts;
  • music;
  • motion pictures;
  • biology;
  • medicine;
  • astrology and
  • computer science (software and hardware).

Some of the encyclopaedias we translated/adapted and formatted for Reader’s Digest include:

  • Secrets of Animal World – 440 pages,
  • Great Recipes for Good Health – 420 pages,
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Knowledge – 610 pages,
  • Illustrated Atlas of the World – 290 pages (1999), etc.