Translation and Localization


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Our team is capable of providing approximately 500,000 words per month: typically, 1,500 words of software, 2,000 words of Help, and 2,500 words of Documentation per business day / translator. In the event of a greater demand, more professionals may be allocated.

Our translators hold at least Bachelor of Arts degrees and their tasks are coordinated by professionals with over 30 years of experience. Efficient translation tools ensure coherent texts and a reduction in delivery times and costs.

We are continually updating our communication resources in order to optimize the internal work flow and offer total transmission security.


In addition to communication via e-mail, we also have FTP site for faster file upload/download.



We can also deliver work in a variety of different formats:

  • CD ROM;
  • E-mail;
  • FTP site;
  • Floppy disc (Pc or Mac)
  • Hard copy laser print;
  • Modem.


Quick and efficient communication
Total protection against viruses