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SPZ Traduções, currently based in Búzios, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, has offered specialist language translation, localization and DTP services since 1994. Clients range from multinational corporations to highly specialized small companies.

We are always attentively following the worldwide development of emerging Software and Internet markets. For this reason, we work with professionals who are skilled in the main electronic media applications required by our activities.

SPZ Traduções has worked directly with large companies in the United States and the United Kingdom, thereby acquiring experience in the transmission and receipt of electronic material, utilization of the customer's localization and translation tools, international banking transactions, and negotiation and administration of contractual clauses, including insurance clauses.

Our staff is composed by qualified translators with BA degrees in their respective specialization fields and they are coordinated by professionals with more than 30-year experience in the marketplace.

Over the last 12 years SPZ has supplied more than 30 million words to clients. Our current capacity exceeds 6 million words per year.

Specialization Areas

Automotive – Oil & Gas Industry - Computers – Telecommunication
Heavy Industry – Printing Industry

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Translation Memory (TM)
Translating documents where professional terms are used has always demanded consistency. A Translation Memory is a terminology database that can be accessed by all translators participating in a translation project. Therefore, there is no need to pay for the translation of the same sentence more than once, the turnaround times are shorter, and the excellence of the technical translation is guaranteed.

We translate/localize from:
English / European Portuguese
Into Brazilian Portuguese

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"Our goal is to help companies get a start or maintain a presence in the Brazilian marketplace."

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