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Major Clients:

  • SDL International – The agreement between SDL and SPZ was signed on January 2000 and lasts until today. Up to the present time, we have supplied over 5 million new words (5.286.407 up to Dec 2005). Working for SDL International, Global Knowledge Language Services, and Xerox Brasil we have provided translation/localization services for: Dell Tornado, Rockwell Automation (hardware/software), Real Player, Movie Maker, Veritas, Media Player, MS-2000, Adobe Illustrator, Uunet, Lucent Technology, i2 (localization of Transportation Manager software), Metasolv Software, Inc. (localization of software and help of TBS - Telecom Business Solution), Flash 6, CommScope, Micromotion, Visa, Novell, etc;

  • GKLS – The agreement between GKLS and SPZ was signed on February 1999 and lasts until today. We have supplied over 1,5 million new words for the Automotive field: Technical manuals, Workshop Manuals, Service Manuals on Scania trucks and buses; Localization of diagnostic systems for trip computers, specially WDS (World Diagnostic System) for Ford, and Diagnos for Scania. Since September 2003 we have also supplied translation/localization of thousands of new words for Sony cameras;

  • Xerox-Brazil – The agreement between XBRA and SPZ was signed on September 1994 and lasted until 2003 when Xerox outsourced their translation team. This team, named FocalPoint Traduções e Serviços Ltda., has been our client since then. Up to the present time, we have supplied over 15 million words. Operation Manuals, Service Manuals,
    Customer Service Manuals, User Guides, Student Guides, Training Guides, Reference Guides, Presentation Slides, Participant Guides, Instructor’s Guides, Product
    Specifications, manuals on printing techniques and on the use of colors for different purposes, marketing material, advertisements, glossaries. All documents we have translated so far for XBRA have been DTP’ed by SPZ;

  • Reader's Digest - Translation, adaptation, and desktop publishing of promotional materials, books and encyclopedias, (Secrets of Animal World – 440 pages, Great
    Recipes for Good Health – 420 pages, Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Knowledge
    – 610 pages, Illustrated Atlas of the World – 290 pages).


  • ABC Bull Telematic - Translation and DTP of internal corporate information, contracts, tender agreements;
  • AT&T - Translation of the Autoplex System;
  • Ericsson - Translation of a patent application for Cellular Telephony;
  • Bowne Global Solutions - Translation of Help Files for Lotus Notes and cc:Mail programs;
  • Mita - Translation and DTP of technical manuals, marketing material, dubbing and subtitling of promotional, commercial, and training movies;
  • Newbridge - Translation and DTP of technical manuals, marketing material and internal corporate information;
  • PictureTel - Translation and DTP of all their products commercialized in Brazil - promotional, commercial, training movies, technical manuals, marketing material,
    product documentation, advertisements, presentations, glossaries, etc.;
  • Reader's Digest - Translation, Adaptation, and DTP of promotional material, books, and encyclopedias;
  • Scientific Atlanta - Translation and desktop publishing of several technical manuals about data and image via satellite;
  • TSYS–Marketing presentations/documents/newsletters.

Translation and DTP of Technical Manuals for:
Canon, EDA Instruments, Mediamax, Motorola, Nokia, Proxima, Samsung, Sony.


  • Momsen, Leonardos - Leonardos is a lead Brazilian Patent Assignor;
  • Brasif Electronics - is a Brazilian representative of Mita and Samsung;
  • Brazilian Navy - DTP and linguistic review of internal documentation;
  • Coevos Filmes - Translation into French and Spanish of the award-winning film "Who killed Pixote?";
  • DTS Software - Translation into Spanish and English of Michaelis Electronic Dictionary (documentation, help files and software);
  • Ficap - Technical documentation on chemistry, optic fiber, etc.;
  • GAP Communications Systems Ltd. is a Brazilian representative of PictureTel, Canon, Motorola, EDA Instruments, Proxima, Nokia, and Mediamax;
  • Moddata- Newbridge and Huges representative.


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